Who We Are

We are a rapidly growing digital company specializing in intent-based marketing. Our primary goal is to curate high-quality review platforms that provide essential information to consumers about a wide range of online services and products, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Our review website is dedicated to assisting singles in finding international dating services that align with their specific preferences. While we don't cover every dating site out there, our team diligently selects and thoroughly assesses some of the most popular ones on your behalf.

By perusing our reviews, you can gain valuable insights into the popularity, reputation, user base, user interface, sign-up process, available tools and features, as well as pricing policies of each site.

How We Generate Revenue

We offer all our reviews for free, as we are compensated by brands that are featured on our sites. When you click on links to visit their sites, sign up, or make a purchase, we receive advertising compensation in various forms from the companies providing the reviewed services and products.

This advertising compensation influences the positioning and order in which the products or services are presented on our site. However, it's not the sole factor impacting our content, as our ratings and evaluations are based on an independent analysis of multiple criteria, including brand popularity, reputation, engagement, and design, among others.

Our Review Process ?

The reviews and analyses published on our platforms are entirely original and crafted by our dedicated reviewers, who strictly adhere to our internal guidelines to ensure the provision of accurate, helpful information. We emphasize the importance of unbiased judgments, and our reviewers and editors work independently of our marketing team, relying on their personal opinions foremost.

To ensure the quality of our reviews, our team members spend considerable time using each reviewed site and share their feedback based on their first-hand experiences. They assess aspects such as site interface, user-friendliness, ease of joining, site functions, pricing, and support services. Moreover, our editorial teams conduct periodic reviews and proofreading to maintain high standards.

While we strive to publish accurate content, there is always a possibility of overlooking some details or encountering new information after publication. When we become aware of such updates, we promptly make corrections to our reviews. Additionally, brands featured on our site may reach out to us to update our content. We welcome feedback from our readers via email, and they can share their opinions about our reviews and content.

How We Determine Scores & Rankings

The scores assigned to each reviewed dating site are the outcome of a comprehensive assessment. This involves considering factual information from third-party analytical sites and review platforms, as well as the input of our team of reviewers and designers regarding the look and feel of each site.

Several key criteria influence our scores. Popularity is gauged by analyzing data from trusted platforms like SimilarWeb, which provides metrics on unique users and site visits. Higher popularity scores indicate a larger user base and more visits to a particular dating site.

Engagement is another critical metric, reflecting how actively users utilize a dating site. This factor takes into account user visit frequency, visit duration, the number of pages viewed per visit, and the bounce rate (users leaving after viewing only one page). Data for engagement scores is derived from SimilarWeb, with higher frequency, longer visit duration, more pages viewed, and lower bounce rate leading to higher engagement scores.

For the reputation score, we gather feedback from real users through independent customer reviews platforms such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot. While acknowledging the potential for manipulation of scores on these sites, we consider them a valuable source for capturing genuine user perspectives.

Lastly, we incorporate the look and feel of each site, as assessed by our team members, including reviewers who spend extensive time using and analyzing each platform, along with our UI/UX designers. This evaluation encompasses ease of use, site features, functionality, pricing, and overall design style.

Only upon completing this comprehensive analysis do we establish the relevant overall rankings of reviewed dating sites and finalize our scores. Our text reviews, together with the scores, offer our readers a comprehensive overview and valuable insights into each reviewed site.